I led him on and now I don't like him anymore.

Ok well I have become really good friends with this guy. He calls me every night and always wants to hang out, he even sits at my lunch table. I liked him for a while and I lead him on. Ever since people have been making a big deal about us being friends. I don't like him but now he likes me and I have no idea what to do


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  • leading a guy on- possibly the worst thing to do, if you don't like him from the start try not to lead him on, now you gotta start turning him off, and he's not gonna like that...neither are you

    just be confident and tell him in the nicest way possible/show him that ur not worth his time

    this way, it shows he can do much better than you (though I'm sure he cant) (sorry, this isn't one of those kinds of sites)


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