How do I tell my boyfriend?

that I'm still a V

ive been with him one year and 2 months


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  • By V you mean Virgin, right?

    It depends on why you want to tell him this, and whether or not you want to encourage or discourage him. Obviously you two know each other very well because of all the time, but I think you should try and bring it up in a conversation or something, and if you want him to change that just act like you're ashamed of your virginity whenever you talk about it. You shouldn't worry about this much if you've known him for that long. If you want him to, then try and encourage him or move his hands to places he might be afraid to touch.

    • when you said to move his hand to places he might be afraid to touch I thought I didn't explain myself well and here's why, we do kiss and sometimes I feel like I should just do it but when we get to that point I get too nervous and just tell him "not now" or "my parents can come at any time lets just stop" or simply make any other excuse

    • ok, if you're feeling nervous then don't worry. Make sure you're not in a place where your parents can walk in, and him touching you won't change your virginity. You have to have sex to actually lose it, but do you just not want him to touch you or what? what is the problem?

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  • Gee it's not a disease, why can't you just tell him? ?

  • He's probably wondering if you are since you've been together a whole year...

    Tell him your plans for sex if you have any. A dude that has been with a girl for a that long, and is not having sex is usually pretty understanding.

  • Still a "v"? Do you mean virgin? Is this something he's been wanting to discuss or you, or mutually? Please explain your background with him more please.

    • yes I mean virgin but this things wouldn't let me put that

      and well no he's hasn't tried to discuss it but I feel like I should tell him so when the time comes to move that step he knows what to expect

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    • hopefully everything runs smoothly and thanks for the advice :)

    • Everyone has a first time. It is far better to be with someone you love, than someone you don't. If he's waited this long, he'll be the best teacher in the world. You, young lady, are lucky to have such a boyfriend.

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  • if you've been with him a year and you haven't had sex he already knows you're a virgin.

    My question is why hasn't this come up sooner, sex and the like is a huge part of relationships(or the lack of sex is a huge part as well)

    Do you know if he is a virgin?

    Have you ever done anything sexual with him?