He always calls me this when we text!

Ok why does he always say "haha dork" "brat" "haha :p"

He's always calling me these names, is this his way of flirting? or joking? or what. No, he isn't ending the conversation because he sends another text right after.


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  • Are you sure I'm not texting with you? Dork, brat, geek, nerd and dofus are all appropriate names for girls that I like. It is called flirting my dear. It is called building tension in the girl and making her wonder why we "mistreat" her like that. Guys that are overly nice don't say such things because they are afraid of offending girls, hence they get the friend zone treatment. This guy knows how to flirt. Consider yourself flirted with. :)

    • haha maybe you're him :p

      this makes sense now because I know he liked me, and he asked me out

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    • And thanks for BA you lil' dweeb!

    • There best answer listen to this guy !he knows how to explaine maybe it's him who knows

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  • It's like he wants to be a little mean an a little mocking or just not all mean.its like ...idk it's hard to explaine

    • please do explain yourself I am curious now

    • It's mixed with mocking and mean and flirting ...but no it's a good thing

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