Should I wait for my guy friend to text me first?

It seems that when I text him first, he doesn't respond till hours later and keeps it reaaaal short. I can't get 30 sec outa him :( I don't see him at all cause he lives a bit far and I don't text him everyday. But when I do its like " I'm good thank you, huggs" and that's it:(


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  • I don't know why people take is so personally, when another person doesn't respond right away. The most common reason he doesn't respond till hours later, is because he has something. It's called life. If you two are just friends you shouldn't expect him to text you all the time or even text you at all, that's just how guys are If you're friends, you should be comfortable enough to give him a call instead of texting him and maybe you'll get more than 30 sec out of him..

    • thanks for BA.

      sorry if I was a bit harsh, but in my experience this turned out the be the truth. maybe he'll text you first, depends on how long you're willing to wait. hope you work it out with him..

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  • Guys are typically text challenged. They don't hear their phone, they don't think it's necessary to respond to all texts, they're just not like women when it comes to texting.

    So try not to read too much into him not getting back to you right away.

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