I don't think we like each other, but we both want to date.. messed up?

I think we're both just bored and lonely. Is that bad? He bought me dinner last week, drinks, he was definitely a gentleman to me. Around his friends he talked trash about girls and swore a lot. I really question his character. But he's so sweet to me. I don't think I like him though.. and I think he might just like me because it's convenient. If we don't like each other, is it wrong to date? I don't know what to think about this guy!


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  • well lesson one attraction is created it never just exist..go for it..create something with him:)

    • haha alright. This should be interesting.

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  • This was me when I started dating my boyfriend atm and now I bloody love the boy lol. My misconceptions of him made me question him but he's proved to me that he is a real gentlemen. Maybe just see each other for now to see how it goes, don't put any labels on it yet.

    • Wow, yeah, that's a really good point. Thanks! He wears his hat to the side which is a bit bothersome.. ha ha but... I guess you can't win all of them.

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    • hahaha (like)

    • hahaha sweet. next time I see him!