Is it bad if the guy is "experienced" and the girl is not?

I have this kind of new bf... and we went home together the other night. He's clleearrllyy more experienced than me ha. Is that bad? Hopefully he doesn't think I'm boring... but yeah. Thoughts?

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  • C

    At first, it's cute & if you give the guy full rein to demonstrate his experience and begging to learn more, He's Turned ON


    you are correct to be wary this could lead to boredom

    so once you learn HIS turn-on buttons

    research these topics on stories, print out the best and ask him to role play a few - THAT will never bore an adventurous guy having fun with your body

    • hahaha hmm yea I wondered. Thanks for the website! That's not creepy if I go on it is it?

    • Noooo, if you don't search for creepy, just search ideas you would like to read ...

    • haha OK. thanks!

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What Guys Said 3

  • It's bad if it is the other way from what i"ve gathered here on GAG

    • Pretty much this.

    • hm yeah. I've never dated a more experienced guy til now. It was kind of cool hahaha. I I felt very well taken care of. I mean, I would still take inexperienced guys though. definitely. it's fun exploring things together... but it's also fun having someone else to lead haha

  • No, teaching is fun..especially when she is a willing pupil...virgins always spooked me but definitely not inexperience...(:

    • haha teaching is fun. So how do I ask him if I need teaching? Or will he just instruct? haha

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    • No such thing as a stupid Question...(:

    • hahaha alright. well... I guess we'll see how that goes lol

  • Thats a prize to be won for him, sweetheart. I think its gonna make him hang around longer

    • Wait, so my innocence is a good thing?

What Girls Said 2

  • 1. Is it bad if the guy is "experienced" and the girl is not? Generally no as:

    Most guys want to be sluts but don't want a slut.

    2. Thoughts? It's a good thing and he most likely thinks of you as relationship material as most guys want virgins or to be more experienced than their partner.

    He gets the ego boost of being the first or one of the few and feels more dominate, in control, and in a position of power over you as he has the experience

    • wow that almost sounds like a bad thing! but I guess I don't mind it haha. he was good. hahaha

  • no that good I think