How to do I get this girl in private to ask her out?

So I could really use some help since I feel like I have a unique situation (sorta) that I'm not exactly sure the best way to handle it. I've recently become interested in dating this girl that is in my group of friends. She seems interested but sometimes I'm not sure If I've just been friend zoned and that's all. Even though I feel like my chances for success are about 50/50, I still want to ask her out. I don't want her to be another one that got away because I was to chicken to say something.

The problem is that I don't want to make things awkward both during and after the asking. Since she is my friend, I can't just run away and hide if I get rejected (ok I wouldn't really run away, but you know what I mean). I'm not really sure how my other friends will take to the situation either since I think it will come as a surprise for most people. Like I said before, there is also a decent chance I might be rejected and since she is part of my group of friends, I don't want to make things awkward in the event that is what happens. I don't normally hang out with this girl one on 1. Usually in a group. So I'm not sure what would be the best way to get her by herself in an environment that doesn't have a lot of pressure and where we don't feel rushed (don't want to ask in the middle of a bar while her friends leave to use the bathroom)? Should I just ask her out to coffee or a movie or something? Should I just pull her aside while we're all hanging out? Should I show up at her work by myself and talk to her when she gets off (she is a server at the bar we frequent so not its not stalkerish)? Any suggestions or advice would be great.


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  • If the opportunity comes up, then yes, pull her aside and ask her out. Or like you said, if everyone else walks off to do something else, you can ask her then. If you frequent the bar, it's not stalkerish to ask her out because she would recognize you.