Single again... Are there dating rules I need to know?

So I'm single again and I was thinking about just dating guys. Really don't want to jump into another Relationship anytime soon. But I have never just went on dates with guys, so are there dating rules I need to know? What would I do on a first date?


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  • I know the dating rules for guys, my advice, don't toss sex out there within the first few weeks. maybe after 3months. other wise its a "hit it and quit it" type deal. 3 months is min, and that is considered "easy", I'd say 4-5months is more of "norm". Anyways, avoid interview type questions, just talk about yourself, and tell stories, see if the guy tells some stories and listens or doesn't. If he just makes you talk and gives no info about himself, he is just trying to get in your pants.

    Take it or leave it :) add me/message me if you want to ask anything else.

    • I'll just point out the above is going to be very age and regionally specific.

    • @kheserthorpe lol I agree. I don't know many people at all that wait 4-5 months for sex at my age. Guys or girls. She should wait until she feels ready and safe of course, but I don't know a single man in real life that would think a girl is "easy" for doing it after 3 months. In fact, he'd probably peg her a huge prude.

    • Good points.

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