He asks you out, how to keep him hooked?

say you meet a guy at work and he takes you out for coffee after chatting a bit. This would make me assume he thinks I'm attractive and wants to get to know me better. So tips and advice on how to keep him interested? Thanks


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  • I am not a fan of believing you can keep someone hooked. The only way that really happens is if he continues to really like you, date after date.

    I can say there are ways you can pretty much tank any chance you have. I would avoid those:

    1. Talking about your ex's on your dates. Even telling a my-ex-was-a-jerk story where it seems so obvious you were a victim of some sort of a-hole is a bad thing. No one wants to hear about ex's.

    2. Talking about what you expect in a relationship or asking him if he wants a relationship. Who knows? It's a first date.

    3. Talking a bunch about yourself and not asking about him.

    4. Talking about super serious topics on those first couple of dates. You don't need to let your date know any gory details about your past that soon and arguing about abortion rights or politics is not sexy. If you really feel committed to a subject, and don't agree with this advice, hey, enjoy the debate, it just may not result in the guy seeing you romantically.

    5. Dressing like a slob or not having half decent grooming standards.

    Beyond that, enjoy, see what happens and hopefully this will lead to a non-coffee date.


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  • I don't believe in dating within your workspace. never bodes well my friend.


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  • I don't know why you date, but I date because I'm looking for a long-term partner. So I'm not trying to impress, I'm trying to figure out if they have the potential and worth sticking around. So me? I'm just myself. No games. No "keeping a guy interested". I am who I am and if he doesn't like it he can get the heck out of my life. And you know what? A lot of guys like it.

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