Guys stare but I never get asked out?

What's wrong with me?

I see guys in each of my classes constantly staring at me but they never attempt to make a move. What is up with that?

The other day I was reading a novel and the girl in it is like " It's been 2 Fridays since I last got a date" I was mortified when I read this. I mean last time I got asked out was probably 4 months ago. Do girls actually get dates every Friday? Why the boys who check me out never attempt to talk to me when they're not really the shy type. What am I doing wrong?


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  • You're doing nothing wrong. These guys are probably just checking you out or too shy to approach you.

    Not quite sure about the validity of the Friday dates, but if it's true who cares really, would you really want to go out every Friday with guys you didn't even like just to say you did?

  • Staring doesn't always mean anything.


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