Am I going about this the right way?

When it comes to girls I suck, due to being single my whole life and not experiencing the things I should have long time ago. This really has taken a toll on my confidence, because I can get dates just can't get past my nerves to get to breaking the touch barrier on a date much less getting a girlfriend. One of the topics I hear a lot especially from some family is that I am not confident enough and that I give up way to easily. They always say that if I really like a girl no matter what I should keep pursuing her. In my mind after a certain point no matter normally if she doesn't respond to me anymore or if she says that she doesn't like me the way I like her, something along those lines. It seems that every corner it is either a no or just a girl that doesn't end up liking me for whatever reason (I don't know, because I have never bothered to ask not wanting to come off as a punk). So I need advice on whether I am giving up to easily or not and what I should do to actually change my luck with girls.?


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  • You're giving up easily. Girls like confidence. Next time you go on a date, even if you're nervous..fake the confidence the best you can to make a good impression. There's a difference between being cocky and confident though, and a lot of guys verge on too cocky. That's a turn off. You have to tell yourself that you know you're a good person, and you know the date is going to go well because you KNOW that you're going to keep it a good time and keep the conversation flowing etc. Convince yourself the girl is going to like you. She probably will if you just relax and be yourself. If you go into a date knowing it's going to go well, it probably will. If it doesn't, maybe there are funny mishaps that you can both laugh about, and you'd be able to ask her to "try this again but in a better way", and you can set up a second date. If you want to start getting physical in any way, wait until the 2nd or 3rd date, where it would be you touching her arm lightly if you're both laughing, or telling her something. It'll break that little barrier of the "bubble" without being creepy. You could also hug her after the first date, kiss her on the cheek the second..then kiss her for real on the third. They're all slowly but surely breaking that barrier of touch, while showing you're respectful and interested. To know whether or not to make a serious move on her, you'd have to get to know her a lot better than a few dates. You guys would have to start having dates at home (homemade dinner and a movie etc), and you could do the whole..arm around her, she can cuddle close and if she wants to, she'll most likely make the first "move". Whether it be making out with you or w/e. After that, you just go with the flow and whatever seems to feel "right" if you can. Sorry for the novel lol.


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