Why my crush has not texted me back yet?

I want to know why my lover has not text me back yet, I send him a text messages like 2 or 3 hours ago. and he reply back with in them hours. then about 4 I'm thinking I send him the last text messages and he has not reply back to me yet. :( like what could he be doing or is he not that into me as I thought he was, or is he's busy talking to another girl smh any girl's can you help ? thanks :)


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  • This has happened to me many times...You just have to wait out.If he doesn't text you back for awhile; think- is he busy?Does he have his phone on him 24/7? Don't think that he doesn't like you, it's just a guy thing.But I he doesn't reply to you for a looooooooong time and hasn't lost his phone in a shipwreck, then he's just not worth it, you'll have to move on. The last thing to think is he is either a player, or has a girlfriend..

    • Yeah I talked to him today and yesterday night when I had called him he told me that he was busy doing something and he told me that he did text me back so that good luck :). but I wish that he was my 24/7 hour text er lol. but he's a guy and I'm sure that he dose not always wants to be on the phone with me and that OK. most guys can others just don't care, and that OK because like you said it's a guy thing. they talk to you one minuted then the next gone like the sky light turn into darkness.