I don't know what to do!!!

there's this guy I like. I'm pretty sure he's not into me. so I've spent the last few nights over his house but didn't have sex with him. I cleaned his house up a little bit while he was at work to show I would be a good girlfriend. I WILL NOT accept anything but girlfriend status if we are going to be bumping uglies. I'm scared all my efforts will prove in vain. I need advice on 1) whether I should just drop it and go out with someone who clearly likes me or 2) things I can do to turn this guy into my boyfriend. I'm afraid of doing something that will ruin it. so things I SHOULD NOT do, would also be good.


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  • Um, you shouldn't clean his house. Unless you are a maid by profession and he is paying you.

  • Just keep doing what you're doing. If he didn't want you there he would think of an excuse to get you out of his house. Don't go overboard and start waiting on him all the time though or you'll spoil him and he'll take you for granted. I guess you should also leave some nights though so he doesn't feel smothered by you. Try staying a few nights and then leaving for a few days. Talk to him during the day by phone on the days you don't plan spending the night and see if he'll ask if you're coming over. If he asks if you're coming over say "I didn't plan on it but if you want to hang out tonight I'm down."


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