What does her kiss mean if she doesn't love you?

Saw this girl for about a month. I thought we were "dating" but come to find out she never really had feelings for me. She snuggled with me at my apartment, kissed me, made out with me, and always wanted me to touch her. I would find out later that she was into another guy and I was basically just a substitute. But why would a girl do all of these things, and not really mean anything by it. She usually initiated the kissing and making out just as much as I did...

She also pinched my butt a lot, bite my lower lip during make outs, and bite other parts of my body; cheeks and chest


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  • Like you said, you were a substitute, for what I'm not sure. Both sexes have the capability of playing this game. Men ( some men) do it all the time, lead a girl on, make her think he cares and then moves on. to me it sounds like you were looking for love or at least something more than sex but she was not. I'm sorry!


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  • See, I am also very confused with the kiss thing as I have no idea what it means. Relationship or just some fun? Looks to me like she just saw it as something fun. I find this so bizarre though. Why would you share your lips and saliva with someone who you don't like, at least a little, right?

  • You can be interested in more than one person at once. Sure, one person might take precedence over the other, but I'm sure she was at least into you to be able to make out with you.


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