How do I ask her to hang out?

So there's this girl I like. We talk in class and she always laughs at my jokes. I feel like we eye each other a good bit. I wanna see if she wants to hang out but were from two totally different friend groups so I'm not sure if getting my friends would be such a good idea. Should I ask to hang out just me and her or is that going too fast and be awkward? How and what should I say to ask her? Where should we go? Any help here?


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  • talk her into giving you her number, text her for like a week, then approach her when her friends aren't around and suggest something she would find fun (but that won't seem like a date) for the two of you and a mutual friend if you have one. its a date if: you pay for her

    you have dinner at a nice place(just the two of you)

    you bear gifts

    you kiss her goodnight

    you ask her on a date :P

    you tell her you like her over the course of the date

    (don't do any but the first two, not during round one, and only if you want her friends to like you, which you do)


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  • Just ask her what she's doing on the weekend, it's not awkward. However, it will be awkward if you bring friends around and she doesn't like them. Don't take her to the movies or dinner right away because that's a bit more serious. How about an amusement park or the zoo? Just somewhere casual where you can talk :)

  • Just saying "can we hang out…. alone?" is awkward. How about next time it looks like she's having trouble in the class you can say you are also having difficulties in that section and that we should study together. If that is awkward I have no clue what would be less awkward, but good luck to you!


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  • Having the same problem, except she's more popular than me : / good luck to you! Looking for advice as well

    • lol I have the same exact problem as you

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    • OMG IM IN THE SAME EXACT POSITION, like from the moment you have a conversation with her your like this is the girl I'm gonna marry, but you can't get the balls to ask her because your only 50% sure she likes you back

    • More like 0% sure if she likes me! Especially because she's a year older