The ideal dress for prom?

So this is the first time I've actually been thinking about buying a dress for prom. It's some time in June but, a lot of people I know have already bought dresses and shoes etc. So I want to get it all over with too so I'm not stressed when the time comes. I'm just having a particular problem with trying to find a 'perfect' dress for me. For one thing, I never usually wear dresses; at least not formal ones for that matter, and for another thing I'm pretty short – 5'0 to be exact.

My biggest concern is my height, since it seems like prom dress are only made for tall people lol, plus somewhere I heard that clothing is based off of people who are 5'5 and up. Say is that true anyway or did I hear wrong? Another thing is I don't want it to be a traditional dress. I want it to be sort of abstract in comparison to everyone else. I want to be the only one wearing the dress that I get (everyone can relate to that). Which brings up another thing – Should I purchase the dress online? Would that be too much of a risk (fitting wise)? I was also wondering about dress sizes; I don't really understand how that goes. Do dress sizes correlate with your jeans/pants size or shirt size or... what? Do any of you ladies know?

One last thing – my back. It's broken out pretty bad particularly in the shoulder area unfortunately. What do I do? Pretty much all dresses are backless, and I have a sexy updo idea in mind :(


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  • Don't worry about the height thing too can always wear heels and/or get the dress tailored a bit if it's too long for you. And if it was that much of a problem all of the short girls would be screwed which is definitely not the case.(:

    If you purchase online make sure you research to make sure the site is trustworthy. If it seems too good to be true it probably is. I've been looking at dresses online lately too and usually the good sites will have a sizing chart for you to compare with. If I were you I'd go somewhere in the mall (some kind of clothing place) that will measure your hips, bust, waist, etc for you...just to make sure you're correct about your measurements.

    Usually it will tell you what measurements an XS, S, M, L, XL, etc is. is a good place to start looking. Good luck.(:


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  • Sorry that I am just a man but I have been involved in the purchase of prom, party, marriage gown and other dresses and the real important part is finding a good seamstress because unless it is a totally custom it will need adjustments. You are correct that most dresses are made for standard size ladies. I suggest purchasing from a reputable company that has in house alterations and which you can get many references from.


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  • Yes way too big. If you're going to order online, order it in the next smaller and next bigger size as well, and also order lots of dresses so you have more options. you can always return the ones you don't want.

    If you're short, I would go with a short dress as well, something that would show off your legs. A long dress might make you appear smaller

    FOr your back, wear a little wrap with it or a cute blazer over it

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