I'm so confused with everything and I'm afraid of hurting someone's feelings.

Okay, so there is three guys in my class that I think are showing signs of having interest in me.

Guy 1: In English we go ready to Romeo and Juliet and as soon as I picked the part of Juliet his hand shoot up in the air to be Romeo and he was really sad when I let one of the most hated girls in my class the part because she really wanted it and I truly didn't care.

Guy 2: is always really close to me we have lockers right beside each other and he always has us touching in someway or another, like the other day he came up behind me and rested his chin on my shoulder and was really close just to see what I was doing.

Guy 3: We have been friends for awhile but never really talked much then a few weeks ago he poked me on Facebook now we have a poke war going on and then the other day he poked me during class and said the poke wars have entered school and laughed then I was walking up the stairs and he was sliding down the railing and stopped (almost falling over the side of the stairs) and poked me and smiled so I poked him back and we chased each other around for awhile till I realized we need to get back to class and he kind of looked sad.

Guy 1: is an amazing guy who is really funny but he also dated one of my close friends

Guy 2: Is really shy and he went to sweetheart with one of my best friends

Guy 3: has a girlfriend who is 2 years younger then us but he talks to me more then he does her and he even chooses to talk to me and sit beside me instead of his girlfriend.

So my question is which guy would be better for me to go for I have the say kind of feelings for each of them but I want to go into a relationship knowing he is wants to be with me not that he just wants to say he has a girlfriend and what do you think of the guys and how they act am I wrong about them liking me? Thank you guys so much!

Guy 1:Is a class clown and is one of the most wanted jocks in school my close friend had known that I liked this guy but she still went after him he has asked me to ride along with him when his and his friends go 4-wheeling and Guy 3 would be there too I had to turn the offer down because I had already planned something with my friends and he said he completely understood put a hand on my shoulder smiled looked in my eyes and I see the slightest bit of hurt then then he walked away


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  • Guy 1: Ask your close friend on her opinions about him. I really can't tell anything else about him :/

    Guy 2: I think he's most interested in you. I've heard that shy guys are always looking for excuses to make contact with girls they like. But I've also heard they can't easily talk to their crushes, and they blush.

    Guy 3: Has a girlfriend. You shouldn't take interest, especially if the girlfriend is a friend of yours. Or you can ask him why he chooses you over his girlfriend. It could be only because guys are more loyal to their friends than girlfriends.


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