I don't want to annoy him but I wanna text him

My guy friend/crush doesn't have unlimited texting so he has to be careful about having convos. I'm pretty sure the messages get... replenished?... monthly. I kinda want text him, but I don't wanna seem annoying or anything. Should I text him, since it's up to him to answer? Or should I just ditch the idea and keep talking in school?


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  • Surely if you text him every 3 or 4 days, that gives him time to reply, gives you time to think of something else to say, and gives you both the satisfaction, of knowing, you are thinking of each other. :]

    • Thanks.:) I haven't texted him in awhile now so I guess I will! Should I be worried that he only started one convo while I've started 2 or 3 now..?

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    • Okay thanks.:)

    • No problem. :]

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