What am I missing, how am I still single and dateless for 4 months? *see list

Seriously, I have not had a date since Halloween 2011. I get numerous girl's phone numbers but they never answer the first text or pick up the phone after the first call. If I call they might say, "let me call you later tonight, I'm busy doing ..."

I DO have dating experience. My last girlfriend did a stint of modeling for photos and runway when studying abroad in England. Aka, HOT! The two before were equally hot and was together each over a year. I broke up with them...

So to the list...

-Light skinned Puerto Rican *think Ricky Martin

-Tall, 6 foot 2

-Weight lift, muscular at 190 pounds

-Bachelors and Masters Degrees

-Dress in styles like Kenneth Cole and Oscar De La Renta

-Wear Chanel and Dolce Cologne

-apparently I am very attractive according to many females

-play the piano and guitar

-Very social and confident

-Might be TMI, but 8 length, 6 inch girth *I normally NEVER advertise this

-Recently learned to Salsa dance

-Becoming a pretty great cook

-Drive a Mazda 3 (paid off this past year)

-Very flirtatious and fun

-Love to travel and have been to over 25 countries

-Learning to speak Spanish

-I don't drink a lot, but when I do they are mixed spirit drinks

-I have 3 pairs of fashionable shoes that cost me over $100

-Shower daily and shave every 2-3 days.

-Currently a student studying to get a Doctorate, hoping to be a college professor

-I am very sweet to all my lady friends/acquaintences

- Agnostic

-155 IQ

-Seriously always humble but confident in myself

...I really do not want to go on much more. I am feeling more and more big headed as I write this.

Can somebody tell me if I am missing something?

I read on here about guys needing confidence and positive traits. So, am I missing something?

I need to add that I am definitely very funny!

*I can't believe I forgot to mention that!


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  • Now, don't take this the wrong way. There are a lot of girls/women who go for your type, you sound like you have a lot going for you that women would love but the fact that it has only been 4 months that you have been dateless and you are worried about it kinda shows a little desperation. Women do pick up on that.

    Four months isn't very long to be dateless and the fact that you are asking this question gives me the impression that it is too long for you and you really want to get some dates. Just enjoy the spare time that you have to yourself. Once you stop trying the dates will start flooding in. It's the unwritten rule. It always happens.

    So it sounds like you have a lot going for you, I imagine that the women you go for have a lot going for them too. You don't need to lower your standards or anything (although it is worth a try, you can always find a diamond in the rough) but understand that these women would probably be very busy. Don't try so hard to get a date, wait for them to come to you. They will.

    • I definitely spent at least a few weeks super focused on school, and the dates didn't just happen.

      You have to keep in mind, that as a girl, when you are not looking for dates, guys may approach you randomly and you meet someone.

      For me, as a guy, when I am not looking for dates, I am also likely not approaching girls.

      It is not common for a new women to randomly come into my life and be date-able.

      So therefore, this idea of it happening when I am not trying is impossible.

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    • People seem to want to find someone who is already happy or unavailable apparently.

      I know that I got hit on SOOO MUCH when I had a girlfriend. Especially by girls who had seen or knew my girlfriend. I seriously turned down free sex over 10 times over the course of the 2 years me and her were together.

      Immediately after, nobody was interested.

      It is truly amazing.

      Regarding females though. I want to say if a female is hot she will get hit on often. I think maybe she just will not attract ...

    • attract...the specific guy that she wants or type of guy.

      But she still has options. For me, I have no options. I have toned down a bunch how many girls I hit on. I only brought it back up before Valentine's day thinking I might meet someone looking to have a valentine just like me, but it did not happen.

      But besides that, I have spent most of my time since January not looking and not hitting on women.

      I am back to telling girls straight forward that I am not asking for their number to date.

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  • Oh no! God forbid you go four months without being in a relationship. =/

    • Without a date. And getting at least 15 phone numbers, and having EVERY SINGLE GIRL IGNORE ME.

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    • Maybe you're looking in all of the wrong places. =/ I hope you figure it out soon.

    • Thanks!

  • Maybe they are intimidated, or you just aren't their type.

    You'll find someone eventually! Everyone does if they have the right mind set.

    • In the last year and a half, I have hit on probably 50 women. I am not shy at all, and do enjoy meeting people.

      Is it really possible that I am not the "type" of all 50 women?

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  • well you sound pretty gay and what are you degrees in

    • Music and I am definitely straight. :-)

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    • it counts when you are a prof and an mba also doesn't count

    • So basically you are saying my lack of current success is the problem?

      That could make sense.

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