First date ideas for a shy girl?

This guy asked me out. We never really have time to talk that much so we figured we could get to know each other better by having a date. But since it was his idea I have to choose what we do :P. its cold here, not much to do, we can both drive, and I'm kinda of shy at first. So please help me!


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  • Bowling is always fun, as you get plenty of breaks in the conversation and can take it out your own pace. If you have a minigolf course that is open, even though it is cold, that too provides plenty of chances to take pauses if you feel that having a non-stop conversation like in a restaurant might be a bit much for you.

    I suggest you read my guide for shy girls:


    There's lots of useful information on how to better connect with a guy when you are on the quiet side. Read it and let me know if you need further advice.

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    • You're welcome. Re-read the article frequently until you make good habits a part of your daily life. A shy girl doesn't have a disadvantage if she's aware of how to make herself available to people. Good luck and enjoy your date.

    • I will do that. Thanks again!

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  • "But since it was his idea I have to choose what we do :P"

    I never let a girl decide what we do on the first date. One of the basics of not getting friendzoned is taking the lead.

    I suggest hanging out at some food place. Eat a bit together, get a coffee or something and talk.


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