He decides to contact me after a month?

There's this guy that I became friends with a while ago and we started hanging out one-on-one after he up dumped his girlfriend. Normally I would not go for a guy who just got out of a relationship, but we really had great chemistry as friends so I figured- why not? We were never official, but we were quite "close" when we hung out. (We are only 17... so no sex or anything too serious! The most was a kiss on the cheek!)

We went out twice only, then he cancelled the 3rd outing with an explanation and apology because he had a lot of family and school stuff going on that is keeping him busy. He's been completely honest with me from what I can tell but I couldn't help but to think that he lost interest and decided to brush me off.

After a few weeks of zero contact from him, I forced myself to move on and assumed that I had been used and then rejected. Now, almost a month later he just messaged me asking how I'm doing, said sorry, and that life has been piling up on him lately.

I thought he wasn't interested anymore when he cancelled last month, but that was just MY assumption. I don't want to be some girl who he can decide to play around with whenever he feels like- but what if he really was going through a rough time? Please share your insight as to what I should do now?


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  • 1month? If you are 17you should be looking for other cool guys. Please, don't get in love with the wrong guy.


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