Is it fair to be a little upset about her doing everything at the last moment?

So me and my girlfriend have been in a stable relationship for a while now. Today something happened that annoyed me enough to cancel our 'date'.

She lives at her parents house and I sometimes have dinner with the family there (I live on my own). At 16:20 she texted me if I'd like to have dinner at her place, they'd start at 6:00/6:30. I said OK, but since I was preparing my own dinner it could take a little longer but I'd take it with me and I still had to shower (day off, you know how it goes lol). So later when I finished the food I texted her asking her if it was okay if I stayed the night. No response for 10 minutes so I called her. No response. I took my shower and texted slash called her again and after a while I said: sorry but I don't think it's worth it so I'll see you Sunday (takes 45 minutes to get to her place).

I actually did this so she'd feel that I was a bit annoyed, she does stuff like this sometimes and it's just not very convenient for me.

Was it okay for me to react this way or should I have gone to her place? Is it okay for me to confront her with this? Or am I overreacting? This is her first serious relationship and when I was ready to go to her place I was already running late for dinnertime there.


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  • MMmmmm...I guess you probably could have just gone there but it is a long drive.

    She sounds like a jerk for not replying to you.

    Has she called you back yet?

    • yeah she told me she was taking a bath, so I sort of feel bad but not really. She could've taken her phone with her. And I don't actually go there by car but by train/bus.

      I'm also not really sure what I was annoyed about. I think because she also says 'you don't have to come if you don't want to' or something like that at times in combination with the not responding.

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    • I've talked about it with her, calmly. And she understood and obviously it wasn't something she did on purpose so she'll watch out in the future. So we're all good, thx! :)

    • Hey - Good to hear. :)

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