I'm dating a guy but I WANT his friend, badly. What do I do about this?

Went out a few times but nothing happened.Not even kissing. Also I found out he's friends with a guy that I wanted a while back, way b4 the guy I'm dating asked me out. Since we didn't do anything(sex,kissing,etc) I don't really see anything wrong with possibly dating his friend. I'm just not into the guy I'm seeing now & really crave 4 hs friend.what would be a good, respectful way 2 go about this? don't tell me its wrong Because me & the guy never went far whatsoever (sexually/emotionally/mentally)+ my friends have asked each other if its OK 2 date a guy/ girl that the person have gone out with b4. So how do I go about dating his friend? Its not like the guy I went out with a few times is my boyfriend + I don't think its fair 2 not date the guy I always liked Because I went out with a guy who I discover I'm not that into


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  • Well you REALLY need to make a point of not dating guy "A"..if you go right from guy "A" to guy"B" you wil make people uncomfortable, probably cause trouble between the two friends and people will most likely call you unfriendly & unattractive names...need to break it off with guy "A" right away but try and stay on good terms with him...otherwise he will badmouth you to his friend guy "B"...do you know for sure whether or not guy "B" is interested in you...but if you are not interested in guy "A" should quit seeing him anyway...right? Oh..and quit complaining that "it isn't fair" ..life is not fair...time to realize that...(:

    • lots of good points..really needed to hear those.

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