What should I do if he didn't reply to me?

I met this guy and we had several nice conversations . He said that I'm a sweet girl and gorgeous. But suddenly he didn't reply my message , after he said that he felt asleep and I said OK. Then he never contact me again. I thought we had some connection,and we might got a shot. What does he mean? Is he not that interested in me?


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  • Maybe you should try saying "Hey what's up?" ...it'll be a simple way of seeing if he is interested or not, without looking desperate. If he replies, keep the conversation simple until he shows some sort of affection, otherwise, forget his ass.

    • I should just forget him. But last night he kind of want to start a conversation with me again. I replied and he just disappear again maybe he thinks I am a easy to get target or sth.

  • he is a douche bag just like 65% of the male population lead you on then break your heart f*** them

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