Guys - what does this mean? what should I do?

So this guy I'm aware of kinda likes me, has been flirting with me, I've been flirting back, and today, I talked to one of my best guy friends, who also is friends with him and he was saying how they were talking at lunch-- about me. He said that the guy constantly kept talking about me, my butt, and howw "hot" I am. (Honestly I don't think so but whatever) my friend also adds " oh yeah I like your butt too. Its cute" so anyway this guy's (not my friend) friends have been asking me out for him, asking me if I like him, telling me to ask him out. These people that are doing this are his really good friends. Also if you guys do the whole " slap ass Friday" thing ,you know what I'm talking about. Today he took a damp towel and spun it and whipped my but with it, really hard. A little while later his best friend did it and said that ones for (insert name here) and he ( not his friend) yelled " hey, that is MY property!" So I need advice- should I ask him if he likes me? Ask him out? Keep flirting, or start flirting with him more? What should I do?


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  • Time for a casual date like ask him for coffee. You need to get to know him in a one on one situation, then you'll know more about how interested he is.

    • I'm broke... I talk to him some times one on one and he's a pretty cool guy... genuinely nice and he's really charming.

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