Girls: What did she mean when she said that?

I told this girl I like that I liked her as more than a friend via text I didn't intend to tell her this way it just kinda happened. But when I told her she replied and said please don't. I'm just wondering if there is only a negative to this response? I don't know if it meant please don't do this, please don't like me, or what it meant. I'm just wondering if any of you girls have ever said this to a guy, and if you did what did you mean?


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  • Wow. she sounds like a bitch that's really rude at least the way I see it. Please don't in response to I really like you. That's so mean. I'm pretty sure there is just a negative response associated with that answer.

    • she probably doesn't wanna b with u... I went through that once when a guy I used to like said that... he was a player though

  • she probably meant please dont...start to have feelings for me, don't have them for me, don't tell me you have them. 'please dont' was just easier for her to say than I am not interested in you as more than a friend. keep searching... 7 billion humans here..


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