I have to choose between my mom and sister

So a few months ago my sister really screwed my mom over. Like she lied to my mom and said some really ugly things to her. And my mom doesn't trust my sister anymore and they kind of lost their relationship. My sister is also very selfish and critical of people. And she is 6 years older than I am and me and her never really good a sisterly relationship. Like I could never talk to her about guys or things slike that. Well ecently I think she realized what she had done and is trying to rebuild a relationship with my mom. Well my mom is still really hurt, but I don't mind having a relationship with my sister. And recently I have started talking to her about guys and going ot her for guy advice, and it's nice.

Well I mentioned to my mom that I was askign her for some advice ad we kind of hada a sisterly relationship going on.

And my mom didn't really approve. She seemed kind of like I was a traitor, and she acted hurt that I was tlaking to my sister abour boys over talkig to her about it. SO now I have to start telling mom things about boys so she won't feel so hurt.

But I really hate that my mom resents that I have a relationship with my sister.

and alos since my sister did all those awful things to my mom my mom assumes I am going to end up just like her whenever I do soemthing wrong.

very little thing I do wrong my mom says "you re going to end up like your sister"

if I get annoyed with my mom an snap at her "how did I raise two unappreciative children"

and she told me I was a liar just like my sister was, all because me and her starting to bond.

she is always assuming I am going t end up like my siste rand when I said I'mnot she says that's what I thought about your ssister

its so annoinyg, so basically I have to be perfect all the time

and basically these past few weeks my mom has been making comments to me and making me feel guilty for wanting to have a relationship with my sister and it's really pissing me off, she shouldn't be making me choose.


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  • Your right she shouldn't make you choose between the two of them...look just sit both of them down together and tell them how you are feeling and tell your mom that you and your sister are two completely different people and that just because you do one little thing wrong that that doesn't mean your going to end up like your sister and let your mom know that even though you are starting to spend more time with your sister that you still love her and that you can still talk to her about stuff...and your mom probably feels left out so think about putting a day aside to spend with just you and your mom talking about girl stuff like guys(and you don't have to tell her everything, just tell her as much as you comfortable with tell her). But the most important thing is communication. So just talk it out with them and tell them that your getting really fed up with everything that's going on. I hope I helped and good luck.