Theres a girl, everyone says she's easy, but I like her?

There's this girl I know and am sort of friends with. Everyone says she is super easy. When I hang out with her, I like her company. I've taken her out with group of friends twice. She really enjoyed it and had a good time. And once we went on a double date to a bowling alley where we flirted quite a bit. I got good vibes from her. However, for the past 2 weeks she's been cold. Didn't text back for days, plus she declined a movie date and a clubbing date. I don't want to seem desperate so I can't ask her third time. I'm trying to get with her. Any advice.. I could use some. Thanks.


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  • First, don't worry what anyone else says about her. So many girls get a reputation for being "easy" for stuff that isn't all that bad if heard from the source, and whether it is rumour or true it doesn't affect a potential relationship or her as a person.

    She probably knows you are interested from the dates you've asked her on. I think the first thing to do is to make sure she knows you want to date HER, not just because of her reputation. She may have hang-ups over this and is probably as aware of what people think of her as you are. Even if it's just little things like complimenting her personality rather than just looks, but that might be why she is seeming off with you.

    However, she might not be interested. That's always something to worry about.I'd suggest giving her a little bit of time, but still keeping in touch but maybe in a more friendly way. Stp trying to persue her for a week and just behave like a normal friend. If she starts to seem more comfortable/herself, I'd suggest asking her directly. Letting her know you're interested and want to know where you stand, but be willing to behave like just friends if that's what she wants. Good luck ,hope it works out for you.

    • I see your points. I'll follow your advice. But its hard for me to openly tell her that I'm interested cos she gives mixed signals. When the signals are good, I get confidence. But when she backs off and declines dates, then it makes me feel like there's no chance.

    • I know exactly how you feel! But I've been told before myself that asking directly is the only way you can know for certain. It'll allow you to see where you stand and act accordingly. If she isn't interested, be prepared and happy to be just friends (although possibly flirty friends, as this seems like the person she is) Ask her, it'll give you peace of mind :) Good luck

  • Play hard to get... be friendly but aloof and start flirting with other girls. Show her that you're not desperate for her but interested and that if she has no interest, you have no problem getting someone else. :)

    • thanks. yeah I didn't call her this weekend. I think I'lll wait for her to initiate contact. But I like your advice. Thanks.

    • that's OK :) good luck

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