Are we official? I really need help.

I've been dating him for just over 3 months. from the beginning we were exclusive, not by agreement, but because we both don't believe in dating multiple people at once. we were also friends before then. we kiss and cuddle, and we celebrated Valentine's day and my birthday. all our mutual friends know that we're dating.

i'm just not sure how to behave. next weekend, he's getting together with 3 of his best buddies from college (we're in mid 20s). all 3 of his friends have long-term gfs, and they're also coming. he asked me to join him for at least a part of his gathering (I had other plans for the weekend). so should I act like I'm his gf? he's never called me his girlfriend, but everyone else will be couples. but I don't want to be the one initiating pda because it's his friends, and he should call the shots. what do you think?

he said that his friends really want to meet me etc etc, and that they know a bit about me, like where I work and what I do and stuff.


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  • Why don't you ask him..."Do you think of me as your gf?" Pick your timing tho..sometime when you are both feeling romantic.. Remember, any loser or liar can say "I love you" or "You mean everything to me" or "You are my Woman" but actions speak far louder than words...Would you rather be with a male that acts like you are his girlfriend but doesn't say it...or with a male who says "you mean everything to me" but doesn't mean it and never acts like it?...(:


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