Kissing on the second/third date?

He didn't kiss me on the second date but did I f*** it up? He hugged me and I did quickly. But as I pulled away he brought me back and hugged me tightly so I hugged him tightly back. Was he going to kiss me?

He invited me over to his place for next time and we haven't done anything. The touch barrier has been broken though.


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  • He may want to take things slow. If he wants to kiss you he'll look you in the eyes, pause, and then kind of lean in.

  • Everybody has their own timetable on when to do certain stuff for the first time. He might not be comfortable with being physical early on, or he might have gotten some signs for you that maybe you're not comfortable with it. You can try giving him some signals - prolonged eye contact, smiling a lot etc. and if all else fails, you can always try kissing him. Girls taking iniative is HOT.


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