Do I have a right to be a little mad at him?

Okay so this guy I've been talking to has been practically BEGGING me to hang out with him. I've put him off because I'm a so last night I told him I'd make a bet with him. I said that if his team won tonight I'd go on a date with him tonight and if my team won I'd go on a date with him next Friday night. He was really happy about it and then I didn't hear from him all day until about 5 minutes left in the game. I was completely ready to go because my team was losing pretty bad. He mentioned a movie and all but nothing about tonight. I told him the movie started at 10:05 and at the time it was 9:30. I had already gotten 5 minutes down the road and he texted me saying he went to watch the game with a friend and there was no way he'd make it in time.

After that I got mad because he knew we were going to a movie if his team won...he said I'd have to pick one out for tomorrow. I said, "Umm don't think so, The bet was for tonight so I guess you're out o fluck."

Sundays are "family day" for me but am I wrong for being like that? He hasn't texted me back yet but I know in time he will because he does like me.


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  • Games and contests aside, why were you putting him off in the first place? Are one or both of you trying too hard to play "too hard to get"? That's the impression I'm getting, unless one or both of you are really shy. So what gives?

    • I guess part of me is unsure about him even though we went to high school together like 11 years ago. I'm not playing hard to get at all and I don't think he is the way he's always talking about wanting to hang out. I am a little shy and I always fear rejection but tonight I actually grew balls and got ready and even left the house to meet him for a movie!

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    • I'll wait until tomorrow since he's yet to text me back tonight though lol He may be mad at me or may be mad at himself so I'll give him the night!

    • Don't overthink it, just get in touch by tomorrow afternoon or night if he hasn't called you back/texted you by then.

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  • You can't get mad for him calling your bluff. You've been putting him off all these times and you get mad over one time? Come on now.

    • I've never made actual set plans with him and blown him off though...

    • Still though he has been trying to go our with you for a while now.

    • I understand but he's got some lifestyle choices I don't really approve of but I'm trying my hardest to give him a chance since I know deep down he's a good person.

  • Not really, you chicken out all the time right?

    • lol no I don't...the last time I was at a restaurant/bar with some friends and he said he'd stop by to hang out...he showed up but never texted me to say hey I'm here so we never saw each other. I've never blown off plans we've had so I don't chicken out with that.

  • Your a jerk, you know how rare it is for a guy to begg a girl for her to hang out with him..your a horrible person. I hate you kind of girls.

    • lol ooook then you don't know me personally but that's fine

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  • I wouldn't be mad at him, I'd just chalk it up to "whatever!" Let it go. Bets like that never really pan out. Forget about it for now. If he asks you out again, go. If not, then no hard feelings.

    • Well lol you'd think someone that wanted to hang out as bad as he did would have been prepared to actually hang out...I wasn't trying to be mean about it but at the same time it's like waited until the last minute to even speak and then took like 15 minutes to say you couldn't make it in time. I don't hold grudges though.

    • Guys play games too.

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