Girl asks me out, then doesn't reply to messages. Why?

First met this girl through a friend, but they had a little something and I didn't try anything. Couple months later I was clubbing and met her, and we were hooking up all night, but went home separately. I didn't call, although I should have. Then she had a boyfriend for a while and I left town, and a while after I come back I meet her on the bus. We chitchat for a while and everything was looking good, and when she gets up to get off she says we should "meet up some time" and I said yeh for sure, small talk quickly again and then she says it again and leaves. Few days later I write her (didn't have her number still) just saying imma take her up on what she said and we should get coffee, and she doesn't reply. She asked me out, and now isn't writing? Why ladies?


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  • Sorry to say this but it sounds like she has no interest in you, from what you have said it sounds like what happened a while ago was just a simple hook up and you shouldn't over think it, if she is interested she will meet you if not move on and meet someone else!


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