What percentage of people do you think are 'datable'?

Girls, how many % of guys in the world do you think you would be willing to date?

Guys, how many % of girls in the world do you think you would be willing to date?

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Or how many do you _estimate_
First option should be 1-20


Most Helpful Girl

  • Alright. As someone in their 20s, Let's say that I just want to date people in 20s. That's already like... 15% of the guys in the world (and I'm being generous).

    Now, some of them are gays, and I don't want to date them. Say 90% of the men are interested in women.

    They need to speak English, so say 50% of the total population speaks English, and that's super generous.

    I'd like to date someone who is smarter than average. So I'd only date 50% of all the men in the world.

    Using these four very crude criteria, I'd only date:

    0.15 x 0.9 x 0.5 x 0.5 = 0.03375, so 3% of the total men.

    And I'm picky. I have waaaaaay more things that I look for in a guy than what I've mentioned before. I'd probably date 0.01% or less of the total men in the world.


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What Girls Said 4

  • My boyfriend, I love him so much I don't even wanna think of dating someone else. General speaking , I am a dateable person.. so I am sure many people would enjoy this , but I just have eyes for my boyfriend .

  • I said 40-60%. For me that seems right :)

  • I must be extremely fussy. I would've said around 5%.

  • who knows, I haven't met all the guys in the world LOL!

    I'd probably say there are only a handful of guys in the world I would date.

    I have certain things I look for in a guy such as age, demographic, attitude etc.


What Guys Said 1

  • 10-20 is your lowest? Out of the ~3 billion women on earth, a lot are seniors, old tarts, infants, kids, handicapped, well you get my point. Then taking into account the normal girls/women of my age minimum/maximum, a lot are either ugly, dumb, sluts etc. so the eventual outcome would probably be >1% :'D

    • It was my mistake. It should have been 1-20