Am I being used as a rebound?

Well I met this girl on Christmas at a cousins house and then from then we would have small talk every now and then and then around February she got into a relationship with someone in the military stationed up north but it lasted only for about a week Because her dad made her break up with him, and then we started talking more and more, she started to text me good mornings for about a week and then I took her ice cream one day to her house and vistied her at work a few times, we always talked about how we didn't have dates for each others prom and she told me that I should I go to my prom even if I didn't have a date, and then the next day I asked her to prom and she said yes, we always mess around about getting married Because she works at a jewelry shop so we always are looking at engagement rings lol and she said that she has me in her phone as fiance, we've gone bowling, just last night I took her out to eat and to watch a movie after she got off of work in what I was planning on asking her out and I had even bought her flowers to give her but when we were watching the movie I saw that she was texting her ex boyfriend and this made me rethink about asking her out completely, I still gave her the flowers on the way home and she asked me why and I just said "what? a friend can't give a friend flowers? And then I dropped her off, we are still going to prom this weekend but I'm really confused about how she might feel about me, if anyone could give me advice I would really appreciate it a lot


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  • Your no rebound, your in the friend zone, rebounds only last about 2-3 weeks tops.

    Sorry for being blunt, I've been there.

    • No reason for the sorry dude, I like it when people are honest