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So I've been seeing this guy for at least two or three months, and we've decided we don't want to rush things. We usually talk more than once a week and hang out once a week, but lately we haven't been talking as much. We used to text each other all the time, but now if I don't text him then we'll go days without talking. There are even times when I'll text him or try to call him and he'll ignore me. I'm worried that I'm starting to push it, so I've just stopped so that he doesn't feel too bombarded. Is that right?

And what does it mean when guys suddenly stop communicating? Does it mean he's starting to get over me or that he just doesn't have time for me?


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  • You've got it right. just ignore all his texts, calls and him for a week or two. see how he reacts to being ignored, if it doesn't bother him, then he's clearly not interested.

  • Well I would say sounds like he maybe talking to somebody else or possibly seeing some one and it dose sound like you are being a little pushy. If it where me I would just carry on with my normal day to day things with out trying to contact him. If he wants to be with you then he will talk I wouldn't waste my time other wise.


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