Should I text her

So I met a girl got her number we text for a week then I went to her house, the next day we went on a date. Things seemed to go good. She told me to call her sometime. I text her the next day and we talked a while. then the next day she text me and we talked for a while. then the next day I text her she said she was at her friends house and that was it now she hasn't text me for two days. unlike last week she text me everyday. WHATS up with that should I tevt her in a few days or just forget it


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  • Text her if I were her I'd be thinking I was texting you too much,now she's waiting for you to get back at her.

  • It's been 3 days since you posted this so I'm sure you've already solved your dilemma but I couldn't help but get a little irritated reading this. You should have CALLED her. I don't understand having conversations in text. Drives me nuts! If you want to send a message or a quick "how are you doing" fine but if you want to talk to me, call! Plus after 3 days why hadn't you asked her out again? What were you waiting for? I would have started to think you weren't all that interested to be honest.

    I hope it all worked out...


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