Still a chance this could work out with him?

So I dated this guy long distance for about 2 months things were perfect and I fell for him really hard... he broke things off because he said he was dealing with a lot of personal issues and his lifestyle wasn't "fit" for a relationship but he wanted to remain friends. we haven't really talked since he broke it off except when I apologized for getting mad about it and when I told him I was coming out there to his city. but both times we talked since then I initiated it... it's been about 2 months since I've seen him and now I'm going to be in the city where he lives, we're supposed to meet up when I'm there. I still reallyyyy like this guy and I want things to hopefully work out and try to patch things up. is there any chance of this happening once he sees me again? is there anything should do?


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  • uuhh the long distance thing. Been there, done that. I am pretty sure that his "life style being not fit for relationship" means he is having a crush on someone else or is already dating someone else or maybe...could be that he just really doesn't feel like being in a relationship.

    If there is a chance you living in the same city again I'd say talk to him about how you feel, just be honest, I mean the worst you can get is 'no' and get hurt, but hey aren't you hurt

    Or save your pride, meet him, have a coffee, go home and go out with someone who lives near by and have some fun instead of being "blue" most of the time missing the other guy.