This girls really confusing me. What does she want?

K Well I met this girl online(Dating Site) and we've been talking for 2 months now just texting When we first began chatting I asked her out and she said yes shed like to meet me in person.(that was a month and a half ago) So I'm still texting her now and she said she still wants to meet me. What confuses me though is I try to get her to find a day she's free and she Never responds to that. She always responds to other things we talk about It would also be nice if she texted me first but I doubt she ever would lol.

Is she just trying to string me along or something like that? I've never been Good with woman because I'm very shy. Should I maybe call instead of texting her to see when she's free?

I suggested a long time ago to her when we do meet somewhere public and somewere she's comfortable with. I know myself I feel better when there are other people there because of how many crazy people there are out there.


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  • Well if she doesn't answer you when you ask when she's free, then she's avoiding your question. I think she is stringing you along. She probably just wants someone to txt. I don't think you shoul call her. Most likely she doesn't want to meet up in person, which is understandable. We are always advised not to meet up with strangers on the Internet. It's too risky and you can't always be sure. She's just being safe. Kudos to her, sorry dude.


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