Guys I go out with always become friends rather then relationships, why?

They ask me out, and I go on dates with them... then I get friend zoned... is it because I am shy? I don't really flirt because of my shyness and usually the guy doesn't even try to kiss me.. probably because I don't show the right body behavior towards them? and then we end up being just friends... what can I do to change this? I don't know how to act around a guy to show that I'm interested... I get too shy.


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  • Why, because your actions aren't saying to them "I want you to be my boyfriend "or that " you're my type," instead it's saying "I'm not into you like that". When a guy asks you out he's putting himself out there, when you're on a date with him and not showing interest, it's just as bad as not excepting to go out on a date with him. If you're showing little or no interest, naturally he thinks he's friendzoned and thus treats you as such. If you want your dates to turn into a relationship you're going have to express that to the guy. Flirt, ask questions, smile, touch, and make eye contact, this signs will give him the confidence to make a move on you. Also, I think that you should let the guy know that you're a little shy, this way he'll better understand your position. Good luck.

  • I'm the same way with girls.


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