I hate talking on Skype- how do I avoid it?

i find the whole thing awkward. phone calls are OK, but when you have someone staring at you through the screen and you have to feign interest WITH expressions, that's annoying. at least if I'm on the phone I can do other things too. I don't see the appeal in Skype unless you are in a long- distance relationship. I have a Skype date with an old girlfriend which I am dreading, but I've simply not "showed up" for the last couple and now it's getting to the point where I really can't keep doing that. how do I get out of it? how do I get out of it full stop? any ideas?


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  • You can always switch the camera off.

    • i know but I keep saying oh the camera's not working and that might be getting old... how do I get out of it altogether?

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    • Well if you don't even want to do the phone call at all, that's different.

      If you just don't like Skype, you can configure Skype to forward the call to a handset or GSM (Mobile phone / cell phone) and then you can be doing other things as you suggested in your question.

      If you just want to avoid the call altogether, then tell her you have an unexpected visitor who dropped by, and you can't take the call.

    • im just worried she's gonna know that's not true... but hey we'll see.

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  • don't log on.

    • but if we plan a time... isn't that kind of like standing her up?

    • don't plan a time them. say sorry I can't Skype don't like it. If she asks why. Just say, I'm black.

    • hahahahahhaa

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  • You could always just ask if you could do the call without video - on your side or on both - because it makes you uncomfortable.

    • well... being that honest to her saying that to her would make me uncomfortable, but thanks for the advice