I never had a girlfriend. Any Advice?

Hi :D

I'm 16 years old. My problem is that I never had a girlfriend and never kissed any girl. I take care of my self and I'm always clean and good smelling. I'm also always trying to be a gentleman. I have many girl friends (friends that are girls) and I'm always there for them (for all my friends actually) and I hate broken hearts. So I just would like to get a girlfriend. What can I do? Last 5 -6 months none girl have shown any interest. Everybody says I'm good looking (so I can't be that horrible :p) and many people love my hairstyle. so do you guys and girls have any advice? I would love it. Thank you :D


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  • I'd say to think about where it is that you're looking for these girls.! Sometimes you have to go out a bit in order to find the right one! Also, maybe you just don't come off as the dating type so many girls don't look at you that way. You sound like a great guy, so just try and put yourself out there a bit, you know.! Good luck :)


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  • It sounds like your the perfect gentalmen so the only thing I can tell you is your girlfriend will come soon enough

  • For starters, ask a girl out.


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  • Don't make from that a big deal. Take it easy man! 1st thing if I were you I will do to choose a girl you wanna date. 2nd try to make her attracted to you and SHE IS THE ONE YOU WILL ALWAYS BE THERE FOR HER AND NOT EVERYONE, it's a nice thing to be there always for everyone but not a good thing also. Make her feel that's she is the one by being always there for her. And the hard part is the 3rd part is trying to invite her out for a date. I think that the best way is to ask her is 1- Rose. 2- Go to her and give her the rose. 3- Look to her eyes and ask her. The most important thing is to have self confidence, to make girls want you and you will be like a hero for them. Give it a shot, it will work!

    • hey men thnx for your advice. I got it :D follow the steps, get the girl. thnx

  • How tall are you? Girls are not *easily* attracted to short, nice guys. Speaking from experience.

    If you're short, you have a tougher fight ahead of you. You have to show that you're worth dating / getting to know. That can be hard to do when prejudice gets in the way.

    • yeahhhhhh... I'm kinda short but much taller than nearly all girls.

    • But if you're shorter than most other guys, girls will see that they have taller options than you. You're compared against the entire set of males, not against the set of females. You just have to work harder than tall guys, and provide what we call a DHV (demonstration of higher value).

      Failing primitive methods of attraction, you have to appeal to a girl through higher order brain functions (ie, communication). This is easier said than done. Good luck.