Girls- What are you trying to find out on the second date? What tests are you putting the guy through?

Ok I think everybody knows the first date tests and how to pass those. But once the girl decides she is interested in you and decides to give you a second date. What are the major things girls that you want to see displayed during the second date? Do you have to be kissed? I keep reading about kissing and it says to get it out of the way before the date ends, so you don't have that awkward hollywood moment, but I'm not sure when I'm supposed to do this.


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  • I got laid on the second date. Probably not the best thing. But whatever. It worked out great for me. Still going strong after 2 years together.

  • No tests ... just seeing if we're compatible. Guys have an end goal of short-term "scoring" (aka getting to the next date or getting a girlfriend or getting sex) whereas girls try to make sure its not going to be a waste of time if the two of you won't get along or are incompatible.


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