How to extend a date?

Like you only have plans to go out for dinner. What else can you do to make the night last longer? Especially in college when you don't have a car, but you can also give ideas for if we had a car because every once in a while I can have my car..

Thanks :)


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  • You can go watch a movie after dinner or go down at some park or just ask her were she wants to go,cause it's useless taking your date to a place she does not want to go. Goodluck :)! x

  • invite her over / yourself over to watch a movie together?

    i'd be down for that.

    • Well we are going on our second date on Wednesday, so would watching a movie like that be too soon? I mean it puts pressure to do stuff physically and I'm not sure if she's ready...

    • well, maybe just suggest it,and if it freaks her out, she;ll let you know

      but if you do watch a movie, look for body language, like if her legs is touching yours etc

      test the waters and put an arm around her if you want, or sit nearer to her

      and make sure it's not an awkward movie to watch so soon. like nothing with crazy sex scenes, just something funny or scary maybe

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