What will they think/do if they find out?

K so I have had a friend with benifits for a few weeks. and we have mtade out. But Saturday I hung out with my friend that's a girl and 2 guys. One of them asked me to the prom, I said only as friends. But Saturday night we kissed after the other two left(he tried once and I wouldn't let him) and I kept telling myself not to because of my fwb. Anyways the guy I kissed Saturday keeps trying to get me to be his girlfriend and I keep saying no and I told him I wouldn't kiss him anymore. Anyways if they find out about each other, what do you think they'll do? Confront me about it? or leave it alone? I still want to be friends with benefits with the other guy but if he finds out I don't know what he'll think. but I know he messes around with another girl, but I don't care


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  • your not dating the dude your friends with benefits with, that the best part of it, you can do what you want and not give a sh*t what he says because your not dating, it SHOULDNT matter to him what you do, because you are not in a relationship... I don't think I can state the point more clearly... you are FRIENDS with BENEFITS not a item, who gives a sh*t if they find out about each other, your having your fun, and that's what should matter to you, but the dude needs to back off a bit if you ask me if he isn't getting the hint that you don't want to date him.


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  • Your friend with benefits should care about anything you've done or that you are getting into a relationship. The only think he'll care about is the fact that your little relationship would be ending soon enough. I expect you would be smart enough to know it would end if you became the other guy's girlfriend. If the other guy finds out, he might care or he might not, but he would be expecting it to end if you decided to be with him.


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