How to get someone to ask you to the prom?

I'm kind of shy around guys. I want my crush to ask me to prom, and he is pretty nice, and we are both pretty well liked, but I'm scared to talk to him, but I know I would say yes to prom. How can I get him to ask me?


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  • Um...ask him? Hint obviously? "I'd like to go to the prom with you." It will probably surprise him (favorably) that someone thinks that well of him.

    "Kind of shy" can mean that you think more of how you'd feel doing something than of having someone do something for you. It has been said that shyness is a form of self-absorption.


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  • i asked my crush to prom

    we only see each other a few times per year

    and I forget what we had been doing that day

    but we ended up at the mall, and were peoplewatching

    and I was so nervous and had been waiting allllllllllllllllll day to ask him

    actually, like weeks

    and the I just blurted it out before I knew what I was doing

    and he said yes

    i was soooooooo happy

    just ask him yourself

    otherwise he might never ask you (it may not have ever crossed his mind, or he may be feeling the same thing as you) and you'll get a real answer

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