While texting, how can I keep him interested in the conversation?

Is there something I could say in order to keep him interested and not completely bored? Sometimes, (with other friends), we hit a wall and we don't know what to say. I do NOT want this happening with this guy. Tips, anyone? Thanks so much!


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  • If you get along in the real world (you do talk face to face don't you?) then you should have no problem. I think the biggest killer of texting is the pause between messages. If there is 5 minutes between text's, just doesn't make it feel important.

  • Depends on what the previous topic was, basically. Keep track of the conversation and think about who's shared more, and even it out.

    If you heard all about his day, go ahead and start talking about you. And vice-versa. Then move onto whatever subjects you guys both like, or discuss something in a critical fashion if that's your thing.

    Only advice I'd feel comfortable giving without knowing more about his and your personal likes/dislikes, or his/your social style.

    Are you an introvert? If so, he's probably realized it by now and will probably take the initiative often in conversation.

    Is he an introvert? Same thing. And introverts usually love to listen when it's someone they care about. :)

    If neither of you are introverted you may never hit that wall, or if you do it may just be for a moment.

    Good luck, rest's up to you.


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