Do guys judge a girl based on how long she makes them wait to get physical?

So I was out with some friends on a Friday night at a bar. I made eye contact with a cute guy across the bar several times throughout the night, and eventually he came over and asked to buy me a drink before I left. We talked and hung out at the bar for 2 more hours, and then we went to his place and talked until 6 am, at which point I drove home. We actually just TALKED until 6 am, and he didn't even try anything.

He texted me the next day and took me to a very fancy dinner and then we met up with some of his friends afterward at his place. I ended up staying over, and all we did was make out although he asked for more. The next day he texted me several times, but we haven't made plans to do anything again because he is going on vacation for a week.

I always thought it was best to make the guy wait because he respects you more, but I'm not sure if that's true from a guy's perspective? and now I'm wondering if I made a mistake doing that?


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  • Yes...

    Whether you wait or you get right to the physical aspect of the relationship, ALL guys judge...

    Some guys judge your willingness to wait as an attribute to be admired. Other view it as a reason to move on to the next girl they willing to let them get physical. Guys call girls prudes when they aren't interested in f*cking right off the bat(or before marriage)...and for some reason, most girls find this to be a bad thing and try to make themselves better targets for men by allowing guys to f*ck them regardless of how the guy makes them feel about themselves.

    The other side of the coin: if you let a guy get physical with you right off the bat, he will treat you like a temporary play thing. And that will translate into how he feels about you as a woman, how you feel about yourself, and how long he is willing to stick around.

    Most good guys don't want to end up with a girl who gets physical early in the relationship.

    I personally think that most of the physical element of a relationship should come after you have spent four or more lengthy in depth dates with the girl, getting to know her, building on the physical attraction that brought you two together...getting to know her to a point of being emotionally attracted. And only then when the build up and suspense is very high, should you engage/initiate a physical relationship. I'm a virgin by choice, so by physical, I mean kissing, massaging, hand/finger play, and eventually, rather further down the line in a more committed relationship, proceeding to oral and whatever else you can come up with...

    my personal opinion, if she is worth having sex with, then she is worth marrying. I'd prefer my future wife to be the first one to have me. And I'd very much like to be the first one to have her. I figure I at least owe it to her to have waited for her...

  • Idk sometimes having sex to early in a relatiinship can be a bad thing. I do believe he will value your "physical contact" more if he has to wait for it and it becomes more special Rather than just going at it every night doing th same old stuff and letting him have what he wants so easily

    • So do you think I made a mistake doing that then? Even if we do hang out again, I won't have sex with him for quite a while. In fact, next time we hang out I will make sure we aren't in that situation at all. I guess what I'm asking is "what that a mistake?" and "is it fixable?"

    • I am for sure not a sex expert/relationship expert my any means but personally I don't think it was that bad of a mo e holding off on the sex. If he starts losing Interest or shows signs of wanting to get out of the relationship that's when you spring it on him. If the sex comes to easy where's the fun in that?

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