Little nervous this girl, I'm suppose to meet may not like me?

My friend knows this women, who's friend is single and wants too meet me. But I never seen her picture she's seen mines, from my high school year book that my friend showed. She's about my height 5'10 I'm 6 feet has blond hair and blue eyes. I'm just afraid even though she says she wants too meet me, she may turn me down. I'll be honest I honestly don't believe I'm good looking and I'm a bit overweight.

I don't get this place sometimes, I ask a good question only one person answers. I ask stupid sexist questions and 10 people answer WTF?


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  • No one is perfect. Start an exercise program now that yu're motivated. Even if yous trike out with her, you're going to be more fit as a result! So you can't lose!

    • Update: mostly teenagers here, in the case of girls many under 16. That's why good questions get so few answers!

    • Thanks for the BA all the same!

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