Do opposites attract. I find myself attracted to the opposite personality/look?

I'm average when it comes to looks but I like to think that I'm quite the catch when it comes to everything else. The problem is that while I understand I shouldn't try for "hot" girls, I'm really attracted to them. You'd think it's because of their looks, but I think it's more than just her looks.

1. Do you find yourself attracted to the opposite personality/looks

2. Do you think you could get them (out of your league?)

3. Have you ever rejected anyone because they were exactly like you (mostly)?

4. Have you ever been rejected because you were exactly like them? (mostly)


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  • 1. defiantly looks wise I love dark hair and dark eyes

    2. I never approach anyone so I have no idea about leagues and who's in or out of them

    3. no

    4. no

    If I like someone I like them, I don't compare our personalities/looks in every simple detail


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