How can I be possitive towards women and not bitter when all of what I had is bad experiences?

I think everybody reaches a breaking point, when they just don't want to deal with crap anymore. I think I have reached that point, I have being rejected, humiliated and ignored so many times that I don't think I can take it anymore. Also women to me seem very selfish and ungrateful, to me they seem to only care about themselves and they barely care what men do for them and they can do whatever they want just because they are women.


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  • You're working off of your own skewed viewpoints... It's easier for you to blame everything on women than to look at your own behavior/approach and fix it. Plenty of women do the same thing ... guess what, men call them "man-hating feminazis"

    • Thanks for blaming me for all of my problems and don't tell me anything at all of what to do. You think just blaming me is gonna make me feel better. F***ing useless answer.

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    • ok legit answer

    • I have sympathy, because I have been in your shoes myself, expect feeling that way with men. I actually read that book myself -- my emotional hangups caused me to send signals to a certain type moreso than others -- but I had no idea that I was even doing it. I tried to link it, but it was too long for me to copy successfully. Another thing I did was write down all of the good and bad traits that the people I cared for most had in common -- and then compared my love life to my family/friends.

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  • Unless you've been physically abused by women all your life, I just don't see how you can have this level of hatred and justify it.

    Rejected? We all get rejected. Big deal. Doesn't stop us asking women out. As the great Gretsky said, you miss 100% of the shots you don't take. So take the shot.

    Ignored? Again, so what. Women have the right to ignore who ever they want. As do men. The solution is to make yourself more interesting, not to start hating women.

    Humiliated? I find it hard to believe. Most women are not bitches who go around trying to humiliate men. However I can totally imagine a guy with an over-inflated sense of entitlement and a fragile ego being "humiliated" by the sort of things which should slide right off his back.

    Whatever it was that got you this level of hatred, is definitely coloring your opinion of women.

    That's what you need to deal with. Whatever it was that got you to this level of hatred, needs to be realistically re-evaluated.

    A child can go crying in anger, whimpering "Please god, kill her" about his mother because she won't let him watch cartoons, but it'd be really f***ed up to see a grown man either still carrying the hate from that incident, or reacting in that way.

    It should be possible to look back at whatever incidents you have in your past, and cognitively reframe them with some flippin maturity.

    • i love it when people just criticize me as if they knew me already, you don't even know me and you don't know what I have gone through, I don't want self-pity but I don't want people insulting me calling me a child.

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    • no you accused me of crying like I was a child who doesn't get to watch cartoons". But who cares, your answer didn't help anyways, what a waste of time reading this sh*t.

    • No, I used the child as an analogy.

      But you're the one determined to see insult, where there was none.

      The basic advice remains the same (and it's good advice, but you're obviously not interested).

      You need to look at what ever events led you to this level of hatred and cognitively reframe them.

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